Sunday, July 15, 2007


Security PRO Pack provides essential tools for privacy protection, a password and sensitive info wallet, and a folder hider. Secrecy File & Folder Hider allows you to hide any folder and keep curious eyes away from your private files. Password Container keeps personal data in and hackers out - you will never lose an important password or information ever. And Privacy Patrol safeguards you and your family from other common online risks. Entire package have a user-friendly interface and is FREE!


- Hide ANY folder - You can hide folder of your choice: “Favorites”, “My Pictures”, “My Music”, and other important documents folders;
- Keep all passwords, pins and sensitive info in one safe place;
- Latest reliable encryption method to protect your passwords;
- Easy-to-use user interface for your eyes only;
- More protected password databases;
- Find a password quickly;
- Erase history of visited websites.
- Clean index.dat file(s) to clear Windows hidden index.dat file that may contain your private information.
- Delete specific cookies from your PC.
- Possibility to keep wanted cookies (some Websites need cookies enabled to work properly).
- Clean NOW! button apply and execute all selected Privacy settings.
- Hide/Show IE button (Alt + H / Alt + S) to hide Internet Explorer window(s). You can hide IE windows by pressing F10 key even if the software running in tray or not in focus.
- Kill/Block IP Messenger Advertisements button (Alt + K) to start killing IP ads.
- By checking Activate Ultimate Popup Killer button enable killing all popup mode. (You can use Popup Killer to kill only windows added to Blacklist - other windows are considered allowed).


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